OPTIMAT ProfileScan detects errors in or around the encasing as well as clip-dimension deviations and planing errors down to a precision of 0.1 millimetres.

The highly precise measurements are achieved using light sections. This is where a high-performance camera maps the line that is projected on to the wood. The actual profile is calculated and deviations from the set profile are determined on the basis of the data acquired in this way.

Like the OPTIMAT C+, it is easily and clearly operated using a Windows-based user interface.

The detected flaws and their positions are displayed in a diagram in SuperView. ProfilViewer displays a detailed view of the profile with set and actual lines. The set profile can either be defined or imported as a DXF drawing in the profile editor.

Board tracking monitors the inspected pieces' progress from the pick-up station to the quality light barrier at the sorting system once measuring has been completed. This way it is ensured that the inspected pieces and data may be properly assigned to each other even when inspected pieces are removed or added.