It is possible to check the quality on all sides of planed products by adding a second inspection side to OPTIMAT C+.

Choosing this option makes it possible to scan the top of the pieces being checked with the help of a second inspection module. As on the standard inspection module, damage to edges and profiles will be clearly indicated by a laser beam that illuminates the pieces from the side. It allows thicknesses of up to 200 millimetres to be checked on all sides in a single pass.

The surface quality may be determined for each side independently with the help of this option's software upgrade. Using the scans of the top and bottom to reveal how the knots correspond to each other within the piece, it will also assess whether knots are firmly located within the piece or not.

The sorting criteria on both sides may be used for further processing. The best side will be automatically determined and the piece can then be transferred to a turning unit if required.