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bvSys Bahninspektionssysteme GmbH – competence with profile

bvSys Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH stands for optical inspection systems that combine precision and reliability with high speeds.

The core team at bvSys has been accompanying the development of our systems right from when developments started more than 15 years ago. We are happy to put the skills acquired from this intensive experience in research, production and use of image processing systems competently at your disposal.

1990: Developments to create a wood-surface inspection system commence within the framework of an EU funding project at STN Atlas Elektronik GmbH.

1994: Efforts are broadened to include railway inspection systems as a consequence of the research results achieved.

1999: As product maturity is reached, STN Atlas Elektronik GmbH spins off the image-processing division to create benntec Systemtechnik GmbH as a subsidiary.

1999 - 2005: benntec Systemtechnik GmbH broadens its range of products to include many additional applications. The company establishes itself as a global leader in these market segments within just a short time.
Further product areas that extend beyond the field of optical inspection systems are developed.

2005: benntec Systemtechnik GmbH restructures its core business. A management buy-out transfers the field of image-processing systems into the now independent and separate bvSys Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH.